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The Griego Agency
Private Investigators
Eric E. Griego
Private Investigator

Founded 1991

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Clients We Serve

The Griego Agency provides investigative fact-finding, consulting, and analysis services to a wide spectrum of clients, including: 

    • Law Firms

    • Fortune 500 Corporations

    • Banks

    • Foundations

    • Investment/Underwriting Firms

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Joint-Venture Partners

    • Investors

    • Political Candidates

    • Individuals

    • Small & Mid-Market Businesses

    • Associations

    • Accounting Firms

    • Medical Institutions

    • Insurance Companies

    • Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies

    • Tribal Governments

    • Litigation Intelligence

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Background Investigations and Profiles

The Griego Agency is routinely called upon by corporations, bankers, attorneys, creditors, and others to discreetly gather and assess information about individuals and companies to facilitate intelligent decision-making. Whether the goal is to screen potential investors, partners, executive hires, vendors or customers, or to investigate employee malfeasance, we thoroughly research, analyze and provide comprehensive and timely background information for our clients in a confidential manner. Background inquiries can include a review and analysis of: 

    • Lifestyle Profile

    • Criminal History

    • Lifestyle Assessments

    • Personal/Business Associations

    • Driving Records

    • Workman's Compensation

    • Credit Information

    • Insurance Coverage

    • Academic Transcripts

    • Credentials/Qualifications

    • Litigation History 

    • Work Experience

    • Conflict of Interest

    • Asset Profile

    • Military Records

    • Survey of Past Allegations

    • Loan Defaults

    • Bankruptcies

    • Skill Verification

    • Professional Licensure

    • Delinquent Personal/Business Taxes

What Sets Us Apart

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Experience and Reputation

Client Satisfaction

Thirty Years of Professional Service and Experience

Completely Confidential

Thousands of Cases Successfully Completed

Nationwide Professional Network of Investigators

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Due to COVID-19, in person meetings are not available at this time.

P.O. BOX 21208
Albuquerque, NM 87154


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